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And here we are..

It’s sometimes hard to believe we’ve come this far in such short time. A year ago, all we had was a bunch of cool ideas, a lot of creativity, energy and hunger. Today, after the hard work throughout the year, we get to feel very proud while looking at what we’ve accomplished so far; the new E.P, the videos the Metal Hammer premiere and cd feature along side Stone Sour, etc..  Yes, It’s been crazy!!!

Nothing can be more gratifying than making music that reaches other people and affects their lives in a positive way, and even just the thought of it, would be enough to make it worth all the effort, evert tear and sweat drop that comes along the way.

Today, all we really want is to keep connecting with more cool people who love the same kind of music we do, people who enjoy going to live shows and the adrenaline rush you get from seeing your favourite band hit the stage! The experience is so much greater when there’s energy involved, isn’t it? We are addicted to making music full of energy, the kind that motivates and lifts you up!

All that said, we’d like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for being a part of this journey from such early stages. The fact that you’ve made a tinny space for us in your life is gold to us.

So leave a comment bellow, let us know how you’re liking the music so far and remember you can get a free song! just CLICK HERE! 



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