We are 3 chaps who like to mix the party elements of electronic music with some heavy rock.

Better known as “The blind-folded electro-industrial metallers”, Were I Blind have bounced into the scene with a solid self-titled ep, with singles “Imploding Lies” and “Were I Blind” as well as a cover of Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence” which was premiered in Metal Hammer next to Stone Sour, Hate Breed, and 36 Crazy Fists.



Altcorner – “Were I Blind have expertly been playing with the boundaries of the metal genre”

With dark and controversial lyrics, “Were I Blind” is an analogy of the concept of how we/society are being subliminally controlled by media and with our eyes exposed to so much useless waste content covering up so much of our sight that we can no longer see what’s real.

Or as the band like to say..

“If we were to cover our eyes, perhaps we would see”

Having accomplished a studio work with producer James ‘Lerock’ Loughrey who has worked with Skindred, Lionel Richie, Manic Street Preachers, Page & Plant, Bjork, Def Leppard and Dave Gahan just to name a few, the band have just released their debut E.P which includes the singles Imploding Lies, Were I Blind and a surprise cover of Depeche Mode’s legendary “Enjoy The Silence” which was premiered in Metal Hammer and featured in the album “Metal Hammer goes 90’s” alongside 36 Crazy fists and Stone Sour.



Soundscape – “Powerfully delivered clean and harsh vocals that are coupled with some ace electronic lines, creating a very punchy sound”

Metal Hammer – “A mix of Korn, Rammstein and Pendulum with a most innovative present-day sound”